1.When transferring the mold for production, the technician must refer to the controlled conditions of the previous normal production as the basis for adjustment: such as mold temperature and material temperature, which must be consistent. Check whether there is any change in the proportion of material nozzle addition. If the machine platform changes, the pressure speed position can be changed according to the actual situation, but the change range cannot be too large, allowing it to be within ±5%. If it is the first production, the “Mold Trial Report Condition Table” shall be used as the reference basis.

plastic injection molding

2.After debugging is confirmed to be OK, the appearance, dimensions, and assembly are confirmed to be OK and the conditions are stable, the first piece is sent to quality control for confirmation. After the first piece is signed back, the technician writes a standard forming condition for the machine in the machine file box.

3.The forming conditions need to be checked and confirmed daily. If there is any abnormality in the product, the cause of the problem should be analyzed first, such as whether the mold temperature is normal, whether the material temperature is normal, whether the nozzle is blocked, and whether the proportion of material water outlets changes. Instead of adjusting the forming parameters first, if it is confirmed, the forming parameters must be adjusted. When adjusting the machine, the adjusted products must be isolated and separated first, and must not be mixed into good products. Wait until the machine is adjusted and OK, After the quality control confirms that the product is qualified, the transferred product shall be fully inspected and confirmed. If it is OK, it shall be put into the good product. If it is NG, it shall be directly discarded.

4.When adjusting the machine, operators and related personnel should pay special attention to the components, such as: When adjusting the machine, there may be problems with the product after the parameters are changed, so the product must be carefully compared with the first piece of component to identify any problems. When adjusting the machine parameters, all the adjusted components should be isolated and separated, and only after they have been fully inspected can they be placed in the good product!

5.If there are 5 or more defects in a row, the machine should be stopped immediately and the responsible technician should be notified for handling. After adjustment or mold repair, production can resume after quality control confirms that it is OK.

6.Adjustment of molding conditions: After the product is confirmed to be qualified by quality control, the molding conditions are revised and changed, accurately recorded on the Molding Conditions Form, and reviewed by the foreman and above.

7.After the machine is adjusted for normal production, it is necessary to clean up the glue heads, water spouts, and tools on the machine.