Materials Selection of Mold Forming Parts

Mold forming parts are at the core of all molds. Their quality directly affects its quality and lifespan. When selecting these materials, the following should be adhered to:

Plastic products feature a reflective surface.

Plastic products feature an appealing texture.

Plastic material can be highly corrosive.

Plastic material used is corrosion-resistant with an elegant mirror finish surface finish.

Plastic product with transparent parts

Mold life expectancy can be very demanding.

Selection of Materials for Non-molding Parts of Molds

Non-molding parts do not have stringent material requirements and their selection principles should be as follows.

No special requirements exist for mold frames made out of S45C or S50C steel.

Mold components made of either S45 or S50C materials may also be included on a mold.

Selection of mold materials should take into account several criteria, including those discussed here and customer requirements and cost considerations. As noted above, this list should serve only as a general reference; other aspects must also be taken into account. Here are some characteristics of commonly used steel mold materials which you should keep in mind:

OriginMaterial NameMaterial propertiesHardness
Japan 2009SLD (SKD11)Special alloy steel for cold punching diesHRC61
DAC (SKD61)High-quality hot work casting alloy steel
FDAC (DH2F)Special alloy steel for die casting mouldHRC40-44
HPM50 (NAK80)High-hardness polished mirror pre-hardened high-quality plastic mold steelHRC37-41
YXM1 (SKH-9)Special high-quality high-speed steelHRC63
SGT(SKS3)(GOA)wear-resistant and non-deformable alloy tool steelHRC60
YCS3 (YK30)high-grade carbon tool steelHRC63
S50CHigh carbon steel
H3100Sambo pure electrolytic copperElectroplated copper
HPM38Transparent corrosion-resistant mirror steel
PX5pre-hardened plastic mold steel
PAK90Super hardened transparent corrosion-resistant mirror steel
SLD8(DC53)Special alloy steel for cold punching diesHRC62-63
DM (SKT4)steel for casting and forging die
Assab (Sweden)618pre-hardened plastic mold steelHR280-320
718pre-hardened plastic mold steelHR290-330
S136Transparent corrosion-resistant mirror steelHRC31-35
S136HHardened transparent corrosion-resistant mirror steel
8407hot work die steelLess than HB180
DF-2Non-deformable special wear-resistant alloy oil steelLess than HB190
XW-41wear-resistant and tough chrome steel
Germany Germany2311pre-hardened plastic mold steel
2738pre-hardened plastic mold steel
2316Pre-hardened transparent acid-proof die steel
2083transparent acid-proof die steel
2344hot work die steel
2510non-deformable oil steel
Bohler, AustriaM202pre-hardened plastic mold steelHRC29-33
M201pre-hardened plastic mold steel
M238super pre-hardened plastic mold steelHRC30-34
M300Mirror plastic mold steelHRC31-35