Custom Plastic Injection Molding Auto Components

Cost-Effectiveness: Injection molding can be an economical method of high-volume production, providing economies of scale and optimized material usage.

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Brand Name Shenzhen, China
Product Material Plastic
Material Aluminum, plastic, copper, brass, galvinized etc.
Size Customized
Surface treatment Powder coating, eletroplating, oxide,anodization
Technics Turning, Milling, CNC center
Application Appliance, Auto, Building, Capital equipment and etc
Sample Need to pay sample fee
Certification ISO9001:2018
OEM Accept
Drawing Format 3D/CAD/Dwg/IGS/STP
Color Customized
Packaging Details Inner pearl button, outside carton box, or customized.
Port Shanghai port
Supply Ability 500000 Piece/Pieces per Year

Product Features

Here are a few features associated with our custom plastic injection molding automotive components:

1.Material Options: Custom plastic injection molding auto components can be produced using various materials such as ABS, polycarbonate or polypropylene to meet both performance and aesthetic criteria.

2.Complex Geometries: Injection molding allows the production of auto components with intricate shapes that include undercuts, thin walls and complex geometries that would be difficult or even impossible with other manufacturing methods.

3.Tight Tolerances: Injection molding can achieve tight tolerances that ensure auto components fit and work perfectly in their vehicle assembly process.

4.Surface Finishes: Depending on the application requirements, our process can produce components with smooth, textured or polished surface finishes for assembly.

5.Consistency and Reproducibility: Injection molding offers exceptional repeatability and consistency, guaranteeing each auto component meets manufacturer specifications precisely.

6.Integration of Features: Features such as threads, inserts and ribs can be integrated directly into auto components during injection molding to eliminate secondary operations and save costs by cutting production times down significantly.

7.Cost-Effectiveness: Injection molding can be an economical method of high-volume production, providing economies of scale and optimized material usage.

These features combine to enhance the versatility, precision, and cost-efficiency of custom plastic injection molding for auto components.

Production Process
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