Multi-Material Plastic Injection Overmolding Parts For Automotive Parts

Mold features:

  1. Industrial structural part.
  2. Bi-injection mold/double injection mold/ 2 shot mold/2k injection moulding technology/ two-color mould.

YCH Mold:Crafting Precision, Shaping Innovation

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Shaping Mode Plastic Injection Mould
Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
Brand Name YCH Mold
Product Material Plastic
Product Name plastic molding parts
Application Matte, Glossy, high polish, Mirror polishing, Texture, Chrome plating
Mould material P20/718/738/NAK80/S136/2738/2316
Design software 2D/3D/CAD/DWG//STEP/PDF/UG
Color Customized Colors
Size Customized Size
Mould Life 250000-300000shots
Surface treatment Matte, Glossy, Texture, Silk screen, Chrome plating, Spray painting


Product Features

Part function: Component for automotive industry

Part material: ABS+TPE

Mold features:

1.Bi-injection mold/double injection mold/ 2 shot mold/2k injection moulding technology/ two-color mould.

2.Complex Geometries:Overmolding can create intricate geometries which traditional molding methods would struggle to reach; this makes overmolding ideal for automotive parts with intricate designs that may present difficulty for traditional methods to reach.

3.Enhanced Functionality:By layering materials together in various configurations, it is possible to produce parts with varied properties; such as soft-touch grips and vibration dampening features or durable outer shells featuring inner softer layers for impact absorption.

4.Reduced Weight: By strategically using lightweight materials during overmolding processes, manufacturers can significantly decrease overall component weight for improved fuel economy and performance.



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