Precision Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mold For Electrical Appliances

Our precision hot runner plastic injection molds are essential components in producing premium electronic product shells, meeting all of the stringent demands placed upon them by electronics manufacturing industries. Their features have been tailored specifically for these purposes.

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Mould materials P20, 718, NAK80, S316H etc.
Hardness of steel Vacuum quenching, nitride, hrc41-47, hrc46-50, hrc60
Mould base LKM, HASCO
Mould cavity Single / Multi
Runner system Hot  Runner
MoInjection machies equipments According to product precision to choice the different model 100T,128T,150T,200T,250T,368T,450T injection machine.
Inspection 100% inspection by QC, QA before shipping.
Fast mould design Can be within 1-3 working days after getting customer’s drawings
Lead time  3- 6 weeks after getting the mould design confirmation
Mould testing All of the moulds can be well tested before the shipments. Videos for moulds trial running are available.
Minimum order Small orders for injection moulding can be accepted
Production capacity 50 sets/month
CAD for quote Step.& dwg.
Mould life 100-500K shots
After sales service 7 * 24 attentive service

Product Features

This multi-cavity cap mould incorporates several design and functionality features to facilitate efficient production, such as:

1.Multi-Cavity Design: This type of mold contains multiple impressions or cavities to allow simultaneous production of multiple caps in one molding cycle – increasing both production efficiency and output.

2.High-Quality Materials: Molds constructed using premium-grade steel or aluminum are often the ideal materials to withstand the high pressures and temperatures encountered during injection molding, providing extended durability over time.

3.Precision Machining: All components and cavities within the mould are carefully machined with very close tolerances in order to guarantee uniformity across all produced caps.

4.Cooling System: Our mould design includes an effective cooling system to rapidly cool the molten plastic after injection for faster cycle times and to avoid deformed caps.

5.Hot Runner System: Most multi-cavity cap moulds incorporate a hot runner system, which directly supplies plastic into each cavity without needing runners or sprues; this significantly decreases material waste while streamlining production process.

6.Ejector System: For easy release from their cavities once finished caps have cooled and solidified, each mould features an ejector system designed to release them with precision and ease.

7.Venting System: Venting is essential in avoiding air traps and filling every cavity completely during injection process. Vents should be strategically located inside each mould so air can escape during this phase.

8.Mould Maintenance Features: Modern mould designs typically incorporate features to simplify maintenance and extend its lifespan, such as easy access maintenance points and interchangeable components that feature wear-resistant coatings – features that help make for simpler maintenance procedures and extend its useful lifespan.

9.Quality Control Features: Some molds offer quality control features with sensors or monitoring systems for real-time monitoring of temperature variations, pressure fluctuations or cavity blockages allowing real time adjustments and quality assurance.

10.Customization Options: Depending on the individual requirements for household product creation, moulds may offer customization features like interchangeable inserts for various cap designs or cavities with specific specifications.

These features collectively contribute to improving the efficiency, reliability and quality of injection molding processes used for producing caps used for household products.

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